My Work

Over the years I found that while my interest vary a great deal, the one thing that draws my passion is my country. With some encouragement from my dad I started doing some work in this field from 2008 it self. 

August 2008: My first personal initiative was a project/research paper on the Business of Education. As a concept this has been conventionally looked down upon because people question the morals in making money from a sacred job like teaching. My project analyses the different aspect and issues in education that India faces today and argues that privatization of this industry along with a 'voucher-system' for the poor will be the ideal solution. The result was in a form of a booklet, which was personally designed, after interviewing students, teachers and eminent thinkers in this field.  

Summer 2011: After this project, however, I become involved in my own school life until the summer of 2011, where the massive movement by India Against Corruption rekindled my passionate side and I joined to work with them. I was glad I did so and have tried to spread my thoughts using articles and blogs. Determined to have at least one article published for the masses, I managed to have  an article published in Tehelka, a leading magazine in India.

Summer 2011: I have also interned with Indira Gandhi Institute of development research where I worked on a short paper on chit-funds, the Indian version of ROSCAs. These are a form of credit agencies that are not yet fully understood but are immensely popular. This paper entails a concise introduction to the concept along with a section on the Indian companies that have made these 'chit-funds' into a full time business.

November 2011: I wrote an article on the crisis faced by the Microfinance Industry (MFI) in India which was chosen to be published in the UCL journal, Opticon 1826. This piece explains the situation of the industry, the nature of the crisis and provides possible explanations for the government's seemingly thoughtless actions.